Matchmaking, edited photos, and the text that got me thinking…

It never fails.

And I’m not referring to “love” depicted in 1 Corinthians 13.

It never fails that if there is a single over 30, her friends will try to set her up. Especially her married friends. I have friends in several states that have their eyes peeled just in case there may be a single guy left they can tell me about.

Katy is recently married (over 30) and extremely vivacious, gorgeous, and can sell ice to an eskimo. This was a snippet of a text conversation between us today. (Katy initiates the conversation. I’m in blue.)

1.i have a setup

*I removed his name for the sake of privacy

2. strong christian

*Nathan is Katy’s husband.



I’m sure you are shocked I could include a photo of myself that looks like this!

In this space here, she included a photo of him.5.whatdoyouthink?

She then went on to say he is game to come and meet me (he lives in another state) near where Katy lives and where I’ve already been planning to visit. 



Katy is a woman of action and enthusiasm–I shouldn’t have been surprised that she was arranging a rendezvous. 

Now, whether I meet up with him or not isn’t the point. Pictures say a thousand words and I hope he isn’t coming to meet the girl that’s edited (first photo) just to find that she can (gasp) look like the second photo! I adore Katy and trust her judgement, but who in the world can measure a man (or woman) by a photo. I had to laugh out loud when she asked what I thought of him. I had two photos to go on with “strong hilarious Christian” as the description.

Appearances (ie: seeing a photo and making a decision whether interested or not) can be deceiving. I could see a photo and instantly  find myself attracted. So could he. Then find out there was much more to the person that did or didn’t cause me to want to proceed.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.

What is on the inside, the heart? The longer I live, the more  my “Mr. Darcy” changes. Attributes like kindness, humility and willingness to communicate and endure through trial–trustworthiness . Character traits that stand the test of time. These are beautiful. A man who loves Jesus wholeheartedly (and imperfectly)-nothing is more appealing. I think of many guys I’ve been interested in over the years. Few had these attributes, but didn’t lack in looks. (And the few that had the attributes went on to marry.)

I’m thankful and entertained that my friends are looking out for me and sending me crazy texts and emails alerting me that “they are still out there”. And I’m even more thankful that God has been showing me that what is unshaking and reliable are the qualities of the heart. These can never be airbrushed.