Last Single Standing


Thank goodness it’s not true, but there are times I confess to moments of panic that I will be! I have a handful of girlfriends who are in their 30’s and 40’s still single and believing God for their husband. But the reality is that one of these days the circle will get smaller.

There can be a false sense of security in not being the “only one” left in the single’s club.  As long as I am not alone in my “condition”, I can bear the waiting a little more tolerably. Before you stone me for desperation or selfishness, know this. Any single over 30 has probably contemplated the same.  In all honesty, I want my friends to come into the promises of God, just as I want to as well. This includes the big M. Marriage. But vulnerability sneaks in when I begin to see promises fulfilled in a good friend’s life. What a joy to choose the celebration road with her instead of anger and envy produced from my own continual wait. (Keyword here is “choose”. Envy is easy. It takes courage and trust in God’s goodness to choose joy at another’s happiness.)

The fear of being alone in singleness has been real. Being a few years from 40, to have some friends in the same boat is very comforting. Supportive. We have fought the same battles—to trust God, to not settle, to allow the process to cultivate hope instead of cynicism and entitlement.

I heard it said recently that when someone enters into a promise that is similar to one you are believing for, let it produce faith for your own promise instead of discouragement that it hasn’t yet manifested in your own life.

So today as I’m particularly aware of my desire for companionship, someone to enjoy life with- I celebrate that the circle is getting smaller.  For one day others will have the same joy of celebrating my absence in the circle.

4 thoughts on “Last Single Standing

  1. Oh, Liz, so amazing as always! I can’t remember who said it, but they said: whenever someone receives the very thing you had been believing for, we get to say, Thank God, I am the next in line! I am moving up and it is getting even closer!

  2. Beautifully stated! I wholeheartedly agree with you Liz!!! What a blessing you will be to the one He has “reserved” for you!!!

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