I’m not listening! Silencing the voice of accusation.

Never fails. On the brink of something good–something new—the accusations begin. It’s pretty amusing and predictable. In my history walking with God, I’ve noticed the pattern. I say “yes” and get ready to step in. Enter in the lying taunts.

In attempt to get me to run.

To hide.

To become intimidation’s slave.

To try to prove my innocence.

It’s subtle enough to stop me in my tracks and ponder the indictment. A total distraction. Never does he tell me I’m going to hell or that I don’t love God.  That would be too blatant. But it’s measured out in just the right proportions to make me feel a bit of shame and to hold back my voice. Tempting me to analyze the motives of my heart or question my sincerity.


Last year, right before I spoke on the Father’s love, I had an accusation via email. The person accused me of hiding behind this whole “Father’s love thing”. She said it was a crutch. She thought she was being helpful to me, but I heard the enemy’s taunting behind her words. Funny enough, it produced the opposite effect. It confirmed that this “Father’s love thing” really is my life (she must have been listening) and not only is it a crutch.  I’d say it’s a full body cast holding my very frame together =) And then,

I heard the Lord say clearly to my heart:
Do not argue with the accuser. Silence him!

We are to submit to God and then RESIST the devil. Don’t entertain or attempt to argue with his lies. He is a master manipulator and we will eventually begin to agree with his lies over us, eroding our confidence in the blood of Jesus and his righteousness in us.

In the past few days there have been very precise attempts to get me to doubt God’s promises or even my own sincerity of heart.

I am running this race and refuse to quit! There’s a prize to be had so I am fixing my eyes on Jesus. I’m throwing off the weights the enemy would want to shoulder me with and trusting the lover of my soul.

For the blessing of the Father rides on the wings of accusation.

So how did it end up? After I was accused about my “crutch”? Well, Father was good and poured out his love on all those in the room. And I got to share about silencing the voice of the accuser. He doesn’t mean to, but our accuser ends up pointing out the area God is about to move in next. So, thank you very much for revealing where God is about to move—oh, and by the way– shut your mouth. I’m not listening!


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