Spending time with Jesus and really needing a brother’s affirmation, I had a flashback of my own brother and his friend (who definitely treated me like his sister).

Nearly ten years ago I was interested in this guy who they thought was bad news. At first, I was uninterested. But he kept “pursuing” (insert *annoying) me until I started responding. Though slightly romantically involved, there was very little substance. All along, my brother and his friend Brian were saying “end it, now.” This really peeved me as I felt they were not trusting my judgement. One time I was chatting with this dude on the phone and Brian came into the room and jokingly pointed to his watch as if to say “you’ve been on the phone too long.” That made my blood boil. He later apologized and stated that his intentions were to protect me, not get in my business.  My own brother confronted me one morning and said that he and Brian were staying up at night praying for me. And I better end this relationship soon so they could start sleeping again. Wow! This is true “brothering” in action.


my little brother and me, the best of playmates

After I recalled this story, many other examples of brothering were remembered. And ways my brothers (you) have enhanced my life. Here are just a few:

You say things to the point when I get lost in confusion.

You’ve spoken truth when I’ve gone down paths of deception.

You’ve told me I’m worth being pursued and even told me at times to flee unhealthy relationships. I wouldn’t have listened to a sister as readily, but when you’ve spoken? I listen.

You’ve been the brother I could call when my car died and I had a line of cars held up behind me. You found other guys to help me push the car to a nearby parking lot.

One day when you said “you look hot!” (this was my biological brother) I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Your words carry weight.

Pranks. You love to hide in closets and scare the heck out of me when I enter my room (thanks little bro). Or stand outside my window and make scary noises (Costa Rican brother in law). Your playful heart reminds me that you may be grown up but you are still a boy at heart. And I love this about you.

When you’ve listened to me and have had time for my heart, something in me expands.

When I called you in a panic because of a huge crisis, I remember you outside—pacing back and forth in intercession for me.


with my big brother

You told me “you can’t wear that!” (biological brother) and I got really mad. But you didn’t want any guy lusting after your sister.

A bunch of us were hanging out while you made pancakes. You suddenly looked over at me with tears in your eyes and said “you are my sister.”

You drove me to my job one day when there was an ice storm and I was terrified of driving.

I didn’t know the depth of kindness men can display to women until I saw your example.

Much of my spiritual growth has taken place through the teachings and writings of my brothers.

God has used your prayers and your prophetic words to bring life and change in my heart.

When you took me out for dinner and we were only friends, you esteemed me and insisted on paying. You never asked me for anything in return. It was unthinkable in your eyes  for a woman to pay when a man takes her somewhere. The honor I felt–amazing.

You told me after I spoke up in a group setting, “never stop speaking. You have something to say.”


On the Ferris Wheel with my brother in law. (Who treats me as the sister he never had =)

My heart is once again thankful to my brothers. All of you. Older, younger, and same age. I honor and esteem your place in the family. Your sisters haven’t always verbalized our gratitude, but hear me now. We cannot be who God created us to be if we’ve cut you out of the family. You are so important. Irreplaceable. And life without you would be dull indeed!

Thank you Jesus-the best brother of all–thank you for reminding me!


3 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. That was a great way to look at brothers. I have 2 left now and when I was younger sometimes they really got on my nerves trying to control my life…and never prayed for me because they don’t believe in prayer! So wonderful you have bothers who can pray for you! My brothers have been there for me in other ways. They did love to keep me on the right path concerning boyfriends. Thanks for bringing this back to the surface for me to think about. ❤

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