Follow Me to Finland-Part 5

I got the blues, Salo youth conference, and pink fingernails

(To be sung to the tune of “I got the blues”) I got the blues (duh dum duh dum) I got the blues (duh dum duh dum) I got the sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself cuz I’m still single blu-uuus!!!!

Ok, so snap out of it already!  I had a moment.  Not feeling chosen.  Girls, are we all like this?  And married ladies, do you ever not feel chosen?  Hard to fathom, because in the mindset of the single lady we think “once HE comes and chooses me I will feel chosen every minute of my life.” A friend on facebook just reminded me in her response to my fb blues:

“you were chosen you express the incredible love of our papa to many many people in finland for 6 weeks…thats pretty wonderful favour…YOU were are. your heart wanted and invited and accepted and received… CHOSEN  Embrace such liberty…for now it is Father gift to you… he desires to have all of you and consume your heart so it is a well watered garden fragrant with the liz scent he created that you can be his love gift to a chosen one!!!”

How quickly I forget!  Here I am in FINLAND.  Finland?  I was given the gift of a life-time.  Six weeks with my dear friend Maiju.  A free flight.  New friendships made.  Older ones re-kindled.  The gift of facing one of my biggest fears–public speaking and microphones–and actually ENJOYING the experience of sharing my heart and my story.  Entering into something new in my true identity. And having a slight pity party because I’m not chosen.  Silly me.  =)  Father, thank you that you just laugh when I have my little tantrums.

Let’s talk about this past weekend.  The youth conference in Salo, Finland.
Never been on one of these before! =)
Road trip with the girls! (Maiju in shades, Reija-driver)
ABC!  Favorite gas station and food stop in Finland.
Lunch is served!  Legendary Salo sausages.  Modeling, or..windy day?


Legendary lunch with friends. Jaakko (speaks 6 languages), Reija, the American, Maiju (my very own Finnish interpreter!), and Pekka

These outside shots taken on day 1–Spoke on identity that night. Day 2

Tiina and Toivo.  Toivo means “hope”.  Tiina reminded me that when I met her a month ago and she told me her son’s name I exclaimed “Hope! One of my favorite words.”  Not only this, is he not the most edible thing you ever laid eyes on????
Tiina’s hands with my hands.  Loving her expertise!  She gave me gorgeous pink fingernails for teaching #2.
Day 2-Hope vs. Expectations (and the Goodness of God).  Lots and lots of stories.
The Liz and her gorgeous and lovely interpreter.  Can you tell we are having fun?????
Hooray for tech support!  Daniel was amazing and so helpful.  It was a cinch to him to take 3 of my video clips (from movies) and add Finnish subtitles.  No technology glitches here!  Thanks so much for your help!


Finally! Lunch.  Tiina abducts me and we sneak away for something delicious.
Anna!  (Tiina’s sister).  What a treat to meet this beautiful sister.  She laughed at my stories. I feel funny around her.  We all need to feel funny.  Thanks Anna =)
No need to leave my heart in Finland.  Atleast not this heart with Finnish chocolates.

Salo.  All in all it was an incredible weekend on every level.

1) My Finnish interpreter
2) Free coffee
3) Getting to see the two sisters again.  And Toivo =)
4) An atmosphere where the love of the Father is prevalent.
5) Seeing teens and youth really taking in that they are the apple of their Daddy’s eye.
6) Road trip through Finland’s countryside.
7)After teaching #1 a man comes up to me and since I had mentioned the sauna (jokingly) he tells me there’s a saying in Finland that the women are more beautiful after they go to the sauna.  I just laughed.
8) Pink fingernails.
9) Daniel’s savvy with lights and video.
10) Did I mention free coffee????