Follow Me to Finland-Part 3

First morning in Finland

I left you at the Chicago airport!  Hope you don’t mind.  It’s just that I’ve been having such a grand time, how do I stop to write about it?  Here are a few highlights for your enjoyment.

Thank God for coffee! Second day in Finland.


Typical Easter decor
Easter lunch with Maiju’s parents.  Her dad LOVES videography.  I had a meltdown.  Hilarious!

Easter Eve.  Outdoor Easter pageant where the crowd walked through the city of Lahti “following” the story  of Jesus from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection.  We saw donkeys, Finnish disciples, and curious spectators.  Did you know that Jesus speaks Finnish?  Well, he does.  Oh, and it was excessively cold.  My smile is frozen.                                         

     A walk in the park.  On Easter Sunday. No kidding.
Finnish cuisine.  Some sort of fish, steamed veggies, bread, and some sort of beet. Yum.

Last day of Father-heart “A” school.  Amazing first week in Suomi.
Menske and Arend.  Two amazing new friends from Holland. Arend means “Eagle”.
Pekka (front) and Jeff.  Heading up the schools.  Pekka has an amazing Father’s heart.  We get to communicate through an interpreter, but his heart speaks pretty clearly, so language is less of an issue.  Jeff? One of the funniest guys I have ever met.  Classic English humor.  He feels like an old friend. I laughed more in one week than maybe my entire life combined!  So appreciate these two men.
Loving this.  It’s not what I do. It is who I am! I am defined by who I belong to.
Maiju in desperate need of caffeine.  I had been telling my life story 😉
Next to the frozen harbor.  We won’t shrink back and stay indoors.

2 thoughts on “Follow Me to Finland-Part 3

  1. I can see you are greatly enjoying your 'flight to the Finnish' over there. Looks chilly; our spring arrived yesterday. We will be baptizing six newbies this morning; glory to God. Praying that they'll be filled with Father's love.

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