Follow Me to Finland-Part 2

 Frantic Departures

I’m at Chicago airport trying out different seats at my gate.  K12.  Hoping to pick up an internet connection so I can wow you guys with my technological savvy.  Oh well.  You will probably read this long after I land in London or possibly even when I get to Helsinki, Finland.  Heck, you may get this at the end of my 6 weeks there 😉
Just so you know, I left Knoxville today (April 3) at 12:30.  And unless the tornados in Dallas affect my flight out of Chicago, I will arrive in Helsinki 4:50 pm on April 4.
First leg of Trip-TYS (Knoxville to Chicago)

Today was hilarious.  I don’t hide the fact that I’m strongly introverted. I love people, I love my friends.  But don’t stick me in noisy places for long periods of time or remove my privacy for great periods or I change. I get frustrated. Antsy.  An angry edge to my tone.  It’s like my insides scream “I NEED CLASSICAL MUSIC AND A  VIEW OF A ROLLING HILL (preferably in Ireland) TO CALM MY INNER COMPASS.”

Well, I wasn’t acting like the introvert this morning.  After my morning walk to release any extra adrenaline before travel, I was racing through the house barking orders.  Clomp clomp clomp.  BAM! (Doors slamming).  Sweating profusely.  Freaking out about leaving a few minutes after my desired departure time.  My parents were so chilled out which made me want to act even more crazed.  Up and down the steps.  Hair expanding in the humidity.  A slight meltdown.  Mom reminded me to stay under the covering of Father’s wings (basically, calm down!).  Dad was trying to crack jokes.  I didn’t smile.  I told them that though they do frantic trips out the door when they travel, I like to show up at my gate unhurried and happy.  Then I nearly start crying while telling Dad that I have to travel alone and there isn’t any man in my life to help me out of a fix if I show up late at the airport.  He gently reminds me that I don’t travel alone but Father is with me.  My response: “Will He carry my suitcases for me???”  Ha ha.. wow, I was a mess.  I think it was my Zyrtec allergy medicine.  Just think what I would have been like WITHOUT my morning walk!


Stay tuned for more.  When I can think straight and jet lag is gone, I will start telling you about Finland.
Until then…
(Written a day ago! I’m now on Finnish soil!)

One thought on “Follow Me to Finland-Part 2

  1. Read your blog while having my morning coffee, Liz. It was a great descriptive & accurate report of our departure!!! Ha, Ha!!! We still love you though! Glad you're there safely! Looking forward to next blog! Guess who???

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